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5 Ways To Calm Your Dog Before Going to the Groomer

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Humans look forward to seeing their hairdresser. Dogs? Not so much. Taking your dog to the groomer can be nerve wracking—for you and your dog. Learn how to comfort your dog in five simple steps for a seamless dog grooming experience. 

How Can I Relax My Dog Before Grooming?

Calming down a stressed dog before taking him or her to the groomer is important. A dog’s anxiety can turn a grooming trip into a grueling trip, so taking extra time to unwind your dog is smart. This blog will tell you how to calm your dog for grooming.

Below are five suggestions you can try with your dog. Calming a dog for grooming becomes much easier with these steps of how to calm a dog for grooming;

  1. Give Your Dog a Special Treat

    Yes, there is such a thing as anti-anxiety dog treats. These types of treats are made with natural ingredients to help calm your dog down. The best calming treats for dogs with anxiety are the ones suggested by your veterinarian.  

  2. Go For a Romp in the Yard

    Many dogs feel relaxed after plenty of exercises. Allow your dog to run around your backyard or take them out for a stroll around the neighborhood before heading to the groomer.

  3. Create a Calming Car Ride

    A car ride can stress a dog out. If your dog gets anxious during car rides, give them one of their favorite toys and turn up some soothing music.

  4. Give Them a Massage

    Dogs love a good massage. Massages not only calm your dog down, but they also help your dog become more comfortable with being handled. Pet your fur baby, gently rub their paws, and knead behind their ears with a soft towel before bringing them to the groomer. 

  5. Find the Right Groomer

    The right dog groomer makes a big difference. If you have a nervous dog on your hands, then you need to find a  groomer well-versed in handling nervous dogs. Call around or ask your veterinarian for recommendations.

How Will the Groomer Keep My Dog Comfortable?

Call them dog whisperers. Some groomers have that special ability to calm down the most anxious dogs. 

Groomers can relax a wound-up dog just by speaking to them in a comforting tone. Groomers who have experience with nervous dogs know just how responsive they can be to a gentle voice and a treat. To create a soothing environment, essential oils, and pheromones may be used. Sedated grooming for dogs is also sometimes considered.

How to Choose a Dog Groomer?

Word of mouth is one of the best ways to choose a dog groomer. Ask your fellow dog parents about groomers in the area or contact your veterinarian for their input. Once you’ve found a groomer, call them—and don’t be afraid to ask questions. Ask for credentials, find out if they have experience with anxious dogs, and—most importantly—trust your gut.

Keep Your Dog Calm With The Absorber®

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