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Absorber Care for Professional Use

These care instructions are meant to provide guidance to groomers and do-it-yourself wash stations on how to get the best performance from their Absorbers.

Some Do’s & Don’ts



Rinse The Absorber with warm water before first use

Forget to rinse your Absorber before first use

Wash The Absorber either by hand or machine wash

Use fabric softener or bleach

Use mild liquid detergent for regular cleanings

Place in the dryer

Use white vinegar as a natural antimicrobial and odor neutralizer

Store your wet Absorbers in a container

Allow your Absorber to dry out after it has been washed

Wash your Absorber’s with other cotton or microfiber towels that have been used to dry dogs


Before First Use:

  • Rinse your Absorbers with warm water. This makes them more pliable and easier to work with as they are a little stiff right out of the packaging.

After Each Use:

  • Rinse well, wring and then place in a basket or other container to await washing at the end of the day. Each shop will ultimately find the process that best works for them. To keep your Absorber in its best condition, rinse and wring well and then place them somewhere safe to be washed. Throwing them on the floor with no protection will leave your towels susceptible to unnecessary soiling.

To Wash:

  • Machine wash (or hand wash, if you so desire) with liquid detergent. You can fit anywhere between 16 and 20 Absorbers in a standard washing machine, so ideally your shop should have enough towels to get through 1.5 to 2 days of average clientele. This will allow you to only have to do a load or two of laundry at the end of the day rather than running your washer all day long.
  • If your shop is still using cotton or microfiber towels to dry dogs, please wash those separately. Cotton and microfiber trap dog hair and bring them into the wash, transferring hair to the Absorber in the spin cycle.

After Wash:

  • Remove from washing machine (or wring well after hand wash) and either roll or fold your absorbers and store in an open container. Some storage examples include: a basket, a Sterlite container (NO LID), or other functional container that has no lid.
    • You want your Absorbers to dry out overnight. This inhibits any potential for mold or odor.
    • When dried out, your Absorbers will become stiff. To restore, simply rehydrate, wring out, and they are ready for action.

Making it a Good Experience for your DIY groom station clients:

If you and your clients are new to the Absorber, it will take some getting used to this new concept that you only need one towel to dry any size dog. So, we encourage you to be very involved in the first few weeks of adopting the Absorber. Make sure your team understands the benefits of the Absorber to your business and to the environment, as well as how to use and care for the towel so they can guide your clients as needed.


  • For best client experience:
    • Have the Absorber folded or rolled neatly for best presentation
    • If the customer is new to the concept, either:
      • Hand them a pre-moistened Absorber OR
      • When handing them a dried Absorber, explain to them to rinse and wring during the bathing process and it will be ready to dry their dog

Remember: The Absorber DRIES when it's WET, this will be the hardest concept for your clients to understand until they become familiar with the product.

 Other Tips & Tricks

  • Use one towel per dog -- The Absorber saves your business money by having to do less laundry and eliminating the use of the dryer. We are not advocating for businesses to use the same towel throughout the day.
  • Purchase enough inventory for at least 1.5-2 days of average daily clients
  • Vinegar is a natural antimicrobial -- If odor becomes an issue, you can soak your Absorbers in 1 cup vinegar to 2 gallons of water mix and let sit for an hour then rinse well.
  • 1 cup of vinegar can also be added to each machine wash along with the liquid detergent.
  • Tell your DIY wash station clients that the Absorber is not only soft and gentle for their dogs but also is helping the planet by reducing water waste and electricity usage.
  • If your Absorber becomes stained in any way, this will not affect its performance.
  • For a deeper clean, wash The Absorbers in a warm cycle with 1/2 C of washing soda only (or 1 C baking soda if you have it). This will clean out all the pores and prolong its absorbency! 


If you own a business that has a self-serve station, this chart below may be available for you to display. Please contact Eryka at 630-918-0764 for more details.

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Chart for How To Care for The Absorber Dog Lover's Towel