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As experts in the industry, you know how valuable it is to have products that make grooming quicker and easier. With The Absorber® Pro Dry towel, you can cut down drying time and reduce excess waste. The Absorber’s natural sponge-like composition works instantly to pull 50% more water out of each dog’s coat than the competitors. The best part? If you feel like your Absorber has soaked up all that it can, wring it out—it will be like having a brand new, dry towel!


The Absorber® Pro Dry Highlights

Super Absorbent: This towel attracts water like a magnet! It can dry your client better than any competitor. 

Soft & Gentle: Keeps your 4-legged clients comfortable and happy while you dry them off. 

Eliminates Towel Clutter: The Absorber® Pro Dry wrings easily so you can get back to drying with the same towel, instead of creating excess usage and waste by grabbing another towel. 

Hair Shakes Off: Save your washing machine the extra work, shake the towel out before washing and watch the trapped hair break free. 

Machine Washable: You can wash these towels just as you would with regular towels. 

Saves Time, Energy, & Money: Avoid putting your towel in the dryer, simply lay it out to dry. This  method not only saves time, but it reduces energy usage and saves money. 

Other Uses: In addition to these grooming uses, you can utilize your towel to cool off the dog or lay on your table to absorb excess water.

Towel Sizes 

Available in 27 in. x 17 in. 
In the colors: Biscuit and Blue

Available in 22 in. x 43 in
In the colors: Biscuit, Blue, Scarlett, Aqua, and Lilac


Save Time and Money

The average grooming salon handles 55 dogs per week and typically uses 2 regular towels per dog to dry it off. With The Absorber® Pro Dry, you only need one towel per dog! Incorporating The Absorber® into your business can help save you money in operating expenses.


  Absorber Regular Towels
Towels washed per salon 55 110
Towels/load 16 8
Loads/week 4 15
Energy cost per washer load $0.36 $0.36
Energy cost per dryer load 0 $0.40
Water cost per washer load  $0.11 $0.11
Detergent $0.39 $0.39
Dryer sheet 0 $0.10
Cost per load $0.86 $1.36
Weekly cost $3.44 $20.40
Annual Average Laundry Cos $178.88 $1,060.80

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