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5 Ways to Keep Your Senior Dog Fit & Healthy

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Senior Dog Health and Care

Your dog will always be your fur baby—but what happens when they don’t run to greet you at the door like they used to do?

Dogs are living longer than ever before, but as they age, their needs change. Senior dogs need more exercise, a balanced diet, and supplements to keep them feeling as healthy as they can be. Follow our five tips to keeping your senior dog fit and healthy—so you can make your dog's golden years the greatest years of their life.

How to Keep Your Senior Dog Healthy

  1. Fitness For Elderly Dogs

  2. Older dogs may not have as much pep in their step as they used to, but they still need to exercise those muscles to prevent bad posture. Practice commands like “sit” and “come” throughout the day to help keep their minds and bodies as active as possible. This will help your senior dog retain the ability to sit, stand, and stay confident during their old age.


  3. A Healthy Diet

  4. Implementing a proper diet is important for your dog at any age, but it is especially crucial for seniors dogs. Since elderly dogs tend to have trouble moving, you will want to keep your pet in good shape throughout their golden years. In doing so, you will help them avoid diabetes, heart disease, arthritis, and other harmful health issues that come with age.  


  5. Joint Supplements 

  6. As dog's age, they are more likely to develop joint problems. There are many supplements on the market for senior dogs, such as glucosamine—a natural compound found in cartilage that surrounds the joints. Glucosamine supplements will help alleviate joint inflammation, resulting in a happier and healthier senior dog. Before you hit the shelves, talk to your veterinarian about choosing the right supplements for your dog.


  7. Range of Motion Exercises

    The older your dog gets, the more sedentary they become. Range of motion exercises is a great way to combat this. To keep your dog’s joints moving correctly and easily, practice some senior dog-approved exercises. While your dog is laying down, gently bend and extend his or her legs one at a time in sets of five repetitions. Carefully turn your dog over and repeat.

  9. Daily Massages and Care

  10. Yes—dogs love a good massage too! Take some time out of your day to give your elderly dog the special care and attention he or she deserves. Daily massages help relieve tension and improve their range of motion. Finish up with a soothing bath to alleviate those tired, tight muscles and give your dog a dry with The Absorber® Dog Lover's Towel —a super-absorbent towel designed to get your pooch feeling comfortable again in a snap.

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