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6 Ways To Prepare for Your Dog’s First Groom

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How to prepare for your dog's first groom

Taking your puppy to his or her first grooming appointment is exciting—and a little bittersweet. They’re growing up so fast. While many puppies have no problem with their first grooming appointment, yours might not be so keen. In this blog, we’ll show you how to prepare for your puppy’s first trip to the groomer. Know all about how to prepare your puppy for grooming.

​​When Can a Puppy Get Groomed for the First Time?

A puppy can be groomed as early as 12 weeks old. Once they’ve had their first grooming appointment, you should schedule them to come in every four weeks. This helps your puppy get comfortable and familiar with an unfamiliar environment.

How To Prep Your Puppy’s First Grooming?

1) Daily Brushing

Your dog is only a puppy, which means everything he or she experiences is going to be new—and a tad scary. Brush your dog daily and reward them for their good behavior every time you finish up. This will help them stay comfortable during their grooming session at the groomer. The puppy’s first grooming will then definitely be a smooth one.

2) Let Them Get Used To Being Handled

It goes without saying, but your dog will be handled by the groomer as part of the first grooming for puppy. Most dogs don’t want their face and feet touched by a stranger, but groomers need to navigate sharp scissors around these areas. 

If your dog isn’t used to being handled, there are a few ways you can calm their nerves. Start with small daily exercises like holding their face and paws. Remember to reward their good behavior with a treat (or two).

3) Bathing

Your dog will either love baths or hate them—and there’s no in-between. If you can bathe your puppy at home, you should. This will help them get used to baths and reduce the risk of them dreading that four-letter word. Dry them off with a comforting, absorbent towel that dogs just can’t get enough of.

4) Dryers

The sound of a blow dryer can be alarming for a puppy, especially when they’re in a new place. Get them used to the sound by running your hair dryer or vacuum at home. Reward them for not running away by dropping treats on the ground.

5) Separation Anxiety

You are your puppy’s entire world. That being said, many puppies experience separation anxiety. This behavior needs to be nixed early on to avoid future anxiety issues. Try leaving boredom buster toys around your home to keep them occupied, or let them chew on a long-lasting treat while you’re out. 

Puppies should only be left alone for a few hours at a time. This means that if your puppy is three months old, he or she should only be left alone for three hours.

6) Exercise Before Appointment

Finally, a romp in the yard can do wonders for your puppy’s first grooming appointment. Tiring your puppy out with some healthy exercise can help your puppy relax while the groomer works their magic.

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