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A Step-By-Step Guide To Getting Rid of and Preventing Dog Tear Stains

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A Step-By-Step Guide To Getting Rid of and Preventing Dog Tear Stains

What Are Tear Stains?

Tear stains are common in dogs and you may have noticed them before. Tear stains look like reddish brown markings under your dogs' eyes that almost resemble colored eye boogers. When you have a young pup, these stains are usually easy to wipe away with a damp wipe. However, over time tear stains can start to permanently dye the hair around the eyes to that red-brown color.  

Common Reasons Dogs Get Tear Stains

If your dog has tear stains, it shouldn’t cause you worry; most times, dogs can’t help it. There are a couple of reasons why dogs get tear stains, including: 


Just like humans, dogs experience allergic reactions too, oftentimes due to food sensitivities. If you notice tear stains in your dog, try changing the ingredients in their food to see which one may be causing the allergic reaction. If changing your dog's food doesn't help, consult a vet and they can help you determine your dog's allergies.


Sometimes tear stains are heavily dependent on the breed. Some breeds like Maltese, Pugs, Frenchies, and Shitzu are more prone to tear stains and will require frequent grooming and cleaning.  

Blocked Tear Ducts

Dogs with blocked tear ducts are also likely to have tear stains since they’re constantly producing tears, contradictory to its name. When the top of your dog’s face remains wet for a long period of time, they can develop worse staining and possible infections. 

Our Step-By-Step Guide to Fabulously Stain-Free Fur

The best way to naturally remove dog tear stains is to follow these five simple steps. 

#1: Deep Cleanse

Start with a deep cleanse using a soft, damp towel to make sure your dog’s face and eye area are squeaky clean. 

#2: Trim Facial Hair

Get rid of excess hair around your dog's eye and beard to prevent irritation and excessive tearing. Professional groomers can handle this safely.  

#3: Develop a Daily Maintenance Routine

Ensures your pup steers clear of tear stains with a daily grooming regimen:

#4: Isolate and Eliminate Causes of Stains

Determine what is causing your dog's tear stains and address underlying issues like diet and water quality, as they can contribute to tear staining. 

#5: If All Else Fails, See a Vet

If you’ve tried all you can and your pup still has eye boogies or tear stains, it may be time to see a vet. They'll be able to help sniff out any underlying issues like infections or eye quirks that need some TLC. 

The Best Way To Prevent Tear Stains in Dogs

The best way to prevent tear stains in dogs is to regularly clean your dog's face with a Dog Lover’s Towel and maintain frequent grooming appointments. Since tear stains are commonly caused by food allergies, swap their food and make sure you use stainless steel, porcelain, or glass food bowls to reduce bacteria buildup. 

Get Safe Tools To Use Around Your Dogs’ Eyes

Give your dog the best comfort when treating their tear stains and use The Dog Lover’s Towel by CleanTools to ensure optimal comfort and safety around their sensitive eye area. By taking proactive measures and giving your furry friend the care they deserve, you can keep tear stains at bay and ensure a happy, healthy pup.

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