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6 House Cleaning Tips For Pet Owners

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Cleaning Tips for Pet Owners
It is literally your pet peeve: The house just hasn’t been as clean as it should be since your dog, cat or any other furry friend joined the family. Before your tales of woe worsen, you can take the situation into your own hands by putting CleanTools products in them. Here are the tips on how to keep the house clean with pets.

The Wash Mitt, The Glosser, The Absorber, and Dash Gear from CleanTools are all-purpose cleaning supplies that can be utilized well beyond just automotive applications. This can include helping you thoroughly clean a house that a pet has sullied. Our products are free of harmful chemicals, making them pet-friendly. Now let’s dive into house cleaning tips for pet owners.


Here are 6 ways pet owners can thoroughly clean their homes, or prevent messes from being created in the first place:

Tip #1: Don't Let Fur Pile Up

You couldn’t picture your family without your furry friend, but you could probably picture your home without the fur. When you need a dog hair remover or a cat hair remover, CleanTools products can help. Like a damp sponge, a Wash Mitt will round up a lot of fur from many different floor types. For smaller surfaces and furniture, Dash Gear lifts loose particles like a magnet, clinging to the loose fur before you decide to shake it off.

Don't Let Pet Fur Pile Up

Tip #2: Wash Floors and Walls

Most dogs and many cats spend a lot of time outdoors — and then carry some dirt, grass, and who knows what else back into the house. A versatile Wash Mitt from CleanTools can be used to soap up and wipe down the floors and walls thoroughly. The Absorber can be used to help dry the floors quickly so no one slips.

Tip #3: Act on Pet Accidents

Pets sometimes get sick or have an accident. To prevent the mess from being absorbed and from smelling after it dries, clean it as soon as possible. The Absorber soaks up liquids quickly, usually in one easy pass, saving you from using a roll of paper towels. When the accident occurs on a carpet or rug, standing The Absorber over the spot will increase its soaking power. It’s machine-washable, too, an important benefit after this use.

Act on Pet Accidents

Tip #4: Thoroughly Dry The Dog

Whether it rained or it was bath time, your dog is drenched and wants to shake her fur dry. Beating her to the punch can prevent her from soaking furniture, floors and walls, and The Absorber can quickly dry a pet, as its porous material mimics a sponge. These pet towels are soft and The Absorber MAX is a heavy-duty option for bigger pets or those with thicker fur. Wiping your pet’s feet at the door can prevent future tracks from muddy paws, so keep a dedicated Absorber near the door just for that purpose, too.

Tip #5: Eradicate Pet Odors

You are eliminating that “wet dog” smell with the previous step, but that’s far from the only odor your pet creates. Pull bedding out of cages and empty litter boxes, and clean them all thoroughly with a Wash Mitt. A Wash Mitt holds soap and water longer, which makes its use more convenient than carrying items back and forth to the washtub.

Eradicate Pet Odors

Tip #6: Don’t Forget Those Overlooked Places

Pet dander — nearly invisible flecks of skin shed by many species — can trigger an allergic reaction. The Dash Gear, a microfiber dusting cloth, can pick up such tiny particles from electronics (think keyboards, TV, and computer screens), as well as from furniture and vents, just like it removes dust. Sticky cat dander also can be found on walls. Painted walls can be gently damp-wiped with a Wash Mitt and quickly dried with The Absorber. Also, while you intelligently placed a mat under your pet’s food bowl, have you moved the mat recently? A Wash Mitt will help you remove caked-on food particles. Wrapping things up, hope you found your answer to the question of how to keep the house clean with pets. Happy journey on keeping your house clean without dust and FUR.

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