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Dog Drying Speed Hack

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Girl using The Absorber to dry her dog

Whether you’re cleaning one dog or a bunch of them, it’s always great when you can make the process faster. Here’s a surefire way to get those tails wagging: use a smart hack to dry your pets.

Speed Hack For Drying Dogs

Try one of the best, quickest professional dog grooming tips for drying — wrap the dog in a towel. It’s simple, but it works! When you wrap wet pets in towels and let them rest like that for a while, you draw some moisture from their coats and make drying more efficient. This speeds your grooming process and helps regular drying become a little easier. Plus, it’s even more effective when the towel you’re using is The Absorber — the industry’s best and most efficient quick-dry solution. Interested in learning more about this great dog drying speed hack? Here’s why this tip is truly “bark-worthy!”

Why Wrapping Is One of the Best Dog Grooming Drying Techniques

Wrapping a wet dog follows the same basic idea as a woman who wraps her hair in a towel after a shower. Just as she can pull some of the moisture out of her soaking hair by wrapping it in a towel, so too can you begin to dry a dog’s coat with the same method. As a bonus, this is one of those dog grooming tips and tricks that helps you contain some of the mess. Rather than letting a dog shake and spray water all over your room or grooming studio, you’ll get to reduce how much liquid there is to spray and make grooming a smoother process.

You’ll Feel Like a Dog With Two Tails When You Use The Absorber

When you’re looking for the best and most effective way to dry dogs after a bath, there’s nothing like The Absorber. Why? The Absorber is a unique towel, featuring a uniform, sponge-like texture. It soaks up water faster and better than bath or microfiber towels. It’s also soft and comfortable on your pet’s coat. Hair shakes right off it, so you won’t worry about fur clogs in the washing machine. Plus, it’s easy to wring out, so you don’t have to reach for multiple towels while drying your pet. Affordable and stored in a convenient tube, this product is the best secret to beginning a better drying process.

How Towel Wrapping Works

To enjoy the benefits of faster drying with towel wrapping, completely wrap your dog. Here’s how:

  • With small dogs, drape The Absorber over the back of your dog, and pull one end under the belly and the other under the chest.
  • Then, pull it tight and secure it with a clip.
  • For dogs clearing the 100-pound mark, use an efficient dog towel wrap. The Absorber’s MAX towel, and repeat the same process.

Ready to start simplifying your dog’s drying routine? Want to use The Absorber to improve the way you groom animals? Order today!

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