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Top 7 Grooming Styles to Give Your Dog a New Look

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Top 7 Grooming Styles to Give Your Dog a New Look

Does your dog always get the same haircut when they go to the groomer? Do you want to change it up, but aren’t sure what cut would suit your dog’s breed and coat?

If so, read on for some hairstyles for dogs of every breed.

7 Dog Haircut Styles

Here are some dog grooming ideas for when you want to change up your dog’s style or get them ready for a change in weather. This list includes some of the most popular styles for both short-haired and long-haired dog haircuts.

Teddy Bear Cut

As the name suggests, dogs with this cut look like teddy bears. This cut leaves more hair around your dog’s face than their body, but you don’t have to go too short. The key point of this look is the fluffy, rounded ears that resemble teddy bear ears.

If your dog doesn’t like going to the groomer, this is a good grooming option that can be done quickly.

Poodle Cut

Poodle cuts look like… poodles. This cut is well-suited to furry dogs. It keeps fur short around your dog’s body, with more on the top of the head and around the neck, kind of like a mane.

Lamb Cut

A lamb cut has a shorter style on the body and leaves more fur on the legs. This cut is ideal for curly-haired dogs, and it will keep your dog comfortable in both warm and cold weather.

Kennel Cut

A kennel cut is one length all over your dog’s body. This cut is usually shorter, but you can opt for a longer length. The short-styled fur of a kennel cut is a good choice for busy dog owners, as it requires less grooming time.

This cut will look different on any dog, but it’s a great low-maintenance option for most dogs.

Topknot Cut

A topknot cut creates a furry poof on the top of your dog’s head. The edges should be kept clean and round for a style fit for a show poodle.

Lion Cut

If you’re looking for haircuts for dogs with long hair, the lion cut is a popular choice. It’s often seen on smaller dogs, but it can also work on big dogs like Chow Chows. 

In this style, the hair around the jaw and head is kept longer, while the body fur is shaved closer to the skin. Your dog’s tail will have a little hair on the tip and the rest will be clipped short. 

This trim is high-maintenance and requires grooming once a week.

Summer Cut

A summer cut removes the bulk of your dog’s heavy coat but leaves the tail and the ears long. You can combine a different head style with this cut, like a lion cut or a teddy bear cut.

Make Dog Grooming Fun With CleanTools

Even if your dog isn’t a fan of grooming, the right hairstyle can leave them feeling fresh and looking their best. But before your dog can step out of the groomer looking neat and clean, they’re going to need a good bath. The Dog Lover’s Towel can speed up this process for dog owners and groomers alike. Now that you’re equipped with the knowledge of the best dog grooming cuts and the tools you need to make your dog’s beauty routine easy-peasy, go ahead and get your dog ready for a walk out on the town.

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