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5 Reasons Why Your Dog Is Shedding & How To Manage It

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Petting a dog is a win-win for both you and your pooch. In fact, studies show that petting and interacting with an animal decreases your stress levels and boosts your mood. The shedding, on the other hand? Not so stress-relieving. If your furniture gets covered in dog fur on a daily basis, then this blog is for you.

What Is Seasonal Shedding?

First of all, let's comb through one of the most typical reasons why your dog is shedding so much: seasonal changes. Many dog breeds will shed their fur in response to the changes in seasons. This mainly occurs in the spring when the weather starts to warm up and the days get longer. Warmer weather and longer days provoke a dog’s fur follicles to shed. Think of it as your dog shedding their winter coat in response to the warmer weather and longer days of spring. 

Still, most dogs will shed all year long.

How to Manage Constant Shedding 

It is important to stop the dog constantly shedding. Grooming is an important key to reducing your dog’s shedding. For dogs with shorter coats, you should use a natural bristle brush or glove. 

For dogs with longer coats, you should use a slicker brush or shedding tool that can rake through those long, beautiful fur. Ensure that you are using a safe shedding shampoo during your dog’s bathtime—and don’t forget to give them a good dry with the Absorber®.

Causes of Excessive Fur Loss

How much shedding is too much? Let’s get one thing straight—excessive dog shedding and fur loss are not the same things. If your dog is experiencing fur loss, then there could be an underlying issue going on. Below are five common reasons why dogs go through fur loss.

  1. Skin Conditions

    Fur loss can happen as a result of sunburn, contact with abrasive material, or because your dog is licking too much. If you notice that your dog is licking excessively, contact your veterinarian to get to the root of the cause.

  2. Stress

    Like humans, dogs can lose fur as a result of stress. You might recognize fur loss after stressful changes or situations such as a big move or a trip to the veterinarian. If your dog is timid or easily gets stressed, consider wrapping them up in a soft, comfortable towel.

  3. Diet

    The number one cause of fur loss in dogs is poor nutrition. That bag of cheap kibble at the grocery store isn’t going to benefit your dog’s diet. Instead, you should make sure that your dog is getting enough animal protein and minerals through various high-quality foods. Talk to your veterinarian about implementing a personalized diet for your pooch.

  4. Hormones

    Hormonal imbalances in dogs can cause fur loss. These issues include an underactive thyroid and over or under-production of testosterone, progesterone, and estrogen. Dogs experiencing hormonal fur loss often display signs of dry, brittle hair. Your veterinarian can prescribe medication to resolve hormonal-related fur loss.

  5. Allergies

    Finally, allergies can result in dog shedding hair in clumps. Yes, allergies can contribute to fur loss. Many different situations, such as changes in weather or exposure to new environments, can cause your dog to have an allergic reaction.

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