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The Absorber Dog Towel to Support the Pandemic Pup Relief Tour

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The Absorber Dog Towel Supports the Pandemic Pup Relief Tour
August 5th, 2020


WESTMONT, IL, August 5th, 2020The Absorber® Dog Lover's Towel has announced its donation to the Pandemic Pup Relief Tour. Started by Brian Taylor from Harlem Doggie Spa, the Pandemic Pup Relief Tour is a 6-city road trip committed to assisting local rescues, shelters, and black-owned businesses by providing grooming and bathing services to dogs in need.

The Pandemic Pup Relief Tour has a goal to service over 600 dogs across New York, Washington DC, Wilmington, Atlanta, Dallas, and Los Angeles. Commitment has been received from 50 black groomers to volunteer their time as a contribution to the tour. In addition to the groomers, each city will have a dedicated team of volunteers.

Each city will have 2-day pop-ups for grooming and bathing services. Depending on the needs of the dog, there will be the option of a full groom or manicure only. Bathing over 25 dogs per day, The Absorber® will be the perfect addition to save time drying each dog and keep laundry costs at a minimum.

Pup Relief Tour

Learn more about the Pup Relief Tour, make a donation, or purchase merchandise to support the tour at puprelieftour.com.

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