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What to Consider When Buying a Dog Grooming Bath Tub

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What to Consider When Buying A Dog Bath Tub

Are you tired of muddy paws and stinky dogs in between grooming sessions? Purchasing an at-home grooming bathtub for your home could be the solution you’re looking for. Keep reading for what to consider before purchasing.

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Benefits of a Dog Grooming Tub

One of the most difficult parts of grooming is bathing. In general, grooming anxiety is present in most dogs, which means that some are more comfortable in the bath than others. Installing a dog grooming tub in your home can help make the process easier and make your dog less anxious in the bath.

Dog grooming tubs are created to not only help bathe your dog more efficiently but more effectively as well. They feature tools to help keep your dog in place during the bathing routine. In addition, they reduce the mess and bring comfort to your dog during the process. Dog grooming tubs are an investment, but if you find that you are unable to bathe your dog in the sink or tub without mess, anxiety, and other related issues—then the grooming tub may be worth it to you.

What to Look For in a Grooming Tub

Bathing needs vary depending on your dog, so it’s important to identify what features are a priority to you when shopping for the perfect grooming tub. Some things to consider include:

  • Tether and/or Leash Hooks

Some grooming tubs come with tethers or leash hooks which are convenient tools to keep your dog in place during the grooming process. If yours doesn’t come with this feature, you can purchase a separate hook attachment, but the built-ins typically hold up better and last longer.

  • Non-Slip Floor

Dogs have a hard time gripping wet floors with their paws. Floor grips can help your dog from slipping and sliding during their bath time. Sturdy, non-slip floors often bring comfort to dogs, which reduces stress and anxiety during the grooming experience.

  • Adjustable Height

Adjusting the height of your grooming tub can not only help your pooch feel safer but can help reduce strain on your back. Having a grooming tub that can be lifted or lowered in a win-win.

  • Detachable Hoses and Plugs

Detachable hoses and plugs can be extremely helpful depending on where you plan on grooming your pooch. Tubs that come with hose attachments are great to be able to attach your own, as well as plugs to make for easy cleanup. With plugs, you won’t need to flip the tub over while it is full of water to empty it, you can simply detach the plug and let the water drain (outdoors or into a drain).

  • Material

Consider how often you plan to use the tub, as that can help you decide which material is best. For those that plan to use it often, a metal tub may be best for you as they hold up well. If you don’t plan to use the grooming tub too often, a plastic tub may suffice.

The Absorber Dog Grooming Towel

Other Grooming Supplies

Once you’ve decided which grooming tub is best for you and your pup, don’t forget to have the necessary grooming supplies to go with it. While there are tons of options on the market for shampoos and conditioners, it’s important to invest in one that works best for your dog’s coat. If your dog is sensitive, look for a gentle dog shampoo that is designed specifically for sensitive dogs.

Another helpful tool is a hose or shower attachment that is made specifically for pet grooming. This ensures that your dog will be rinsed thoroughly, and your mess will be limited. After grooming, be sure to have proper drying towels for your dog. We recommend The Absorber® which is made specifically for drying off your pooch.

Remember, at-home grooming tools are an investment. By grooming your dog from home, your pooch will be comfortable and clean—what more could you ask for!

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