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Why Does My Dog Roll In the Grass?

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Cute dog on leash rolling in green grass neat sunset making eye contact expressing emotion.

As a pet parent, there’s nothing better than watching your furry friend run through a grassy field. But have you ever wondered why do dogs roll in grass? From curious pups to experienced hounds, dogs of all ages happily roll their bodies in the grass—whether it’s freshly cut, dry, or mostly dirt. Do they enjoy how it feels? Does it scratch an itch? Are they just playing? We’ll answer these questions and more. 

Let’s discuss the reasons why your dog rolls in the grass. 

Why Do Dogs Rub Themselves on the Grass?

Ancestral Behavior

Turns out, your dog’s ancestral background may contribute to this grassy habit. Wolves and wild dogs often rub themselves on the ground before hunting. Rubbing their faces on the surrounding foliage is an effective way to assume the scent of their surroundings and increase the chances of finding a meal. 

Mask Shampoo

To the dismay of their owners, most dogs make a beeline to the nearest grassy or dirty area after being washed and groomed. While you may enjoy the floral or crisp linen scent of dog shampoos, the harsh smell probably overpowers their hyper-sensitive noses. Rolling around in the grass will dull the smell of the cleanser used to bathe them. Unscented shampoos are dog-friendly and may resolve your pup’s dirty doggy behavior. 

Mark Territory

The reason why dogs roll in the grass may be as simple as marking their territory. If your four-legged friend walks underneath your legs when you’re sitting or brushes against trees, they may be marking their scent. Similarly, canines that roll around in the same place on a grassy area are possibly leaving an indicator for other dogs who visit that space. 

Itchy Skin

If your pup has seasonal allergies or an itch she can’t scratch, expect her to rub on the grass or carpet to alleviate the discomfort. Pet owners love to scratch behind their dog’s ears and rub their bellies, but your furry friend may also enjoy a long back scratch. Help your pet get those hard-to-reach places with a full-body rub-down. 

Express Excitement

Dogs roll in the grass to show their mood and eliminate pent-up energy. Watch your pups the next time they exhibit this behavior. They should be relaxed and happy. If their behavior becomes obsessive, consider obedience or agility training as well as fetching. These are mentally stimulating activities that encourage healthy exercise. 

Keep Dogs That Roll in the Grass Clean

Every dog has quirks that make the owners laugh or shake their heads in disbelief. Like it or not, a dog rubbing his face on the grass is considered normal behavior. Between washes, keep the dirt and grime to a minimum with The Absorber® Small. Ideal for small cleanups, this PVA towel is best used when on the go.  Wipe down your pet after a good roll in the grass. When you’re done, throw it in the wash for next time.


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