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Why Do Dogs Roll Around After a Bath? Explained!

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Why Do Dogs Roll Around After a Bath

Dogs frequently experience a burst of post-bath hyperactivity. It can be a startling, stressful, and sometimes overwhelming experience to witness. Coined as zoomies or crazies, dogs get amped up after a bath for a variety of reasons, including relaxation, happiness, and an innate need to smell familiar surroundings again. We’ll explore some of the theories behind this strange behavior.

Instinctual Behavior of Dogs Rolling Around

Dogs laying on freshly used, wet towels are perfectly normal and healthy. It allows them to express their instincts and compliment you without doing any harm.

Good Mood

Your dog's behavior of rolling on towels after a bath indicates happiness and a sense of feeling refreshed. They often shake off after a bath, often on bath rugs or towels. This behavior is particularly appealing to them, as it allows them to rub in your scent.

Love Your Scent

Dogs quickly develop an affinity for their family members' odors, often licking, rubbing, and playing with old, wet towels or dirty clothes. This behavior is a sign of the love and cherishment of the special bond they have with you.

Establishing Dominance/Territory

Dogs use the dominance theory to assert their position within their packs. The same applies to your house. They rub on your possessions, including towels, to establish their position and signal to other animals that you and your belongings belong to the dog, which, in theory, also serves as a defense against predators.

4 Possible Explanations for Why Dogs Roll After a Bath

  1. It Calms Bath Anxiety . Baths are stressful for most dogs, and rolling helps get rid of that built-up anxious energy.
  2. A Strange New Smell . And after a bath, your dog is now coated in a weird, unfamiliar scent. Their instinct is to rid themselves of the new scent and get their scent back to what they are used to.
  3. Drying Off . Rolling and zooming around is a way to dry themselves off.
  4. Bath Zoomies . Most dogs don’t like the act of being bathed, and they often express how happy they are that it’s over with the zoomies.

Good Grooming Practice

Proper grooming will make your dog look and feel their best. Routine bathing and grooming procedures allow you to check your dog's coat and skin for any symptoms or issues. How often you should groom your dog is determined by their size, breed, and coat type.

  • Regularly brushing your dog's hair removes dirt, dead hair, and natural oils, making their coat shiny and healthy. It reduces matting and tangling, making the grooming experience easier.
  • Goop, or excess tear or discharge, accumulates in dogs' eyes, especially light-colored breeds like bichon frise, cavachon, and boxers. To remove it, loosen it with a warm cloth and a flea comb.
  • Remember to only use dog shampoo. Dogs that are mainly inside might not need as much bathing as mainly outside dogs. It is recommended that you wash your dog no more than once a week, as bathing dogs too regularly can cause skin irritations. 
  • Firmly rub them with a clean towel to dry them off.

Signs It's More Than Just Rolling Around for Fun

Pay attention to how often your dog rolls around, not just after bathtime. The condition of their skin is an indicator of their overall health. Dogs with skin issues may exhibit licking, scratching, gnawing, paw licking, or other behaviors. It can also be a sign of underlying health issues such as allergies, infections, parasites, stress, or metabolic problems. Remember that symptoms can vary, and may require a veterinarian diagnosis and treatment.

Effectively Dry Your Dog

After a bath, there's nothing wrong with your dog having the zoomies. If they are causing issues, such as damp furniture or filthy carpets, you might want to consider corralling them in a safe area, such as behind a pet gate, until they settle down. If not, simply relax and enjoy the show!

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