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10 Dog Grooming Tips To Use At Home

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10 Dog Grooming Tips To Use At Home

For many dogs, grooming isn't exactly a relaxing trip to the spa. It's often stressful for them to be in a different environment at the groomers, and they may not behave as well as they do at home. This is why many professional groomers tend to operate in a home-like environment, and why many pet parents opt to perform dog grooming at home.

These dog grooming tips and tricks will help you get your pup looking its best, without forcing it to leave the house.


Prepare your supplies before you begin grooming. 

You're going to want these on hand when you begin the session, because your dog may become unruly once you start the process:

  1. The Absorber Dog Drying Towel
  2. Dog Shampoo
  3. Brushes
  4. Scissors
  5. Trimmers
  6. Clippers 

Know how frequently your dog needs to be brushed or bathed. 

Dogs don't need to be bathed as often as humans. Different breeds will have different brushing schedules, which can vary from daily to weekly or even monthly. Most dogs need a bath every three weeks unless they get into mischief sooner!

Invest in high-quality grooming equipment, including a fast-drying towel. 

You will need different types of combs and brushes depending on the breed, including a short-toothed comb, a double-rake comb, a slicker comb, and a wide-toothed comb. Regardless of the breed, a fast-drying towel, such as The Absorber®, is necessary. This towel works quickly to get dogs as comfortable and dry as possible after their bath.

Spend time playing with the dog and allowing it to exercise before beginning the grooming session.

Taking your dog for a nice walk around the neighborhood or playing a rigorous game of fetch can help your dog feel calm, relaxed and rested for its grooming session in the home.

Brush your dog before giving them a bath. 

One of the dog grooming tips that is often overlooked is the fact that your pups coat should be brushed before it's shampooed. This allows you to rid your pet of tangles and mattes (instead of making them worse), and thoroughly clean the coat as well as the skin. 

Use baby powder if your dog's coat is tangled. 

One commonly asked question is can you put baby powder on dogs? The answer is Yes, Baby powder is safe for dogs. Although be weary with the amount as too much has the chance of drying your dogs skin out. Some dog hair is especially difficult to de-tangle, particularly if the coat is coarse, long or curly. Baby powder is one of those useful home products that can help eliminate tangles in a dog's coat, allowing you to gently brush prior to grooming.

Remember that dog skin and hair differ from human skin and hair — you will need special cleaning products. 

It is imperative that those owners who will be dog grooming at home invest in shampoo and conditioning products that are designed specifically for dogs. Human products can be harmful to pets, causing damage to their already-sensitive skin.

Take precautions to prevent your dog from being injured during the grooming session. 

Some dogs do not enjoy being pampered during a grooming session. They may become rambunctious or try to get away. To help prevent this and to keep your dog from inadvertently slipping during its bath, purchase and use a dog bath mat every time you begin grooming.

Properly trim your dog's nails. 

Most groomers will use pet nail trimmers to trim the overgrown nails on a dog's paw. It is important to trim the nail as closely as possible while also avoiding clipping the quick and the nerve. If the quick or the nerve is clipped, there can be excessive bleeding after the dog's nails have been trimmed.

Often, groomers offer this service as a separate fee if it's something you find more difficult to accomplish at home.

Give the dog lots of praise and cuddles after the grooming session is complete. 

Now that you have finished grooming your dog at home, your pet will look clean and beautiful once again. Don't forget to give some extra love to your pet, because they may have felt scared or stressed during the experience.

These dog grooming tips will help both amateurs and professionals give the best care to their favorite four-legged pals. To learn more about how The Absorber® dog drying towel can help you while you are dog grooming at home, contact Dog Lover’s Towel today!

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