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Tips For Walking Your Dog In The Rain

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Tips For Walking Your Dog In The Rain

When your dog has to go, it has to go. No matter if the sun is shining, it’s 3 a.m. or there’s a torrential downpour. Walking your dog in the rain is one of the less desirable but inevitable responsibilities you’ll have to deal with as a dog owner. Yet the unpleasantness of standing outside in the rain is nothing compared with the cleanup duties you’ll most likely have to handle after getting back inside.

Although walking your dog in the rain may not be your favorite activity, there are a few tips on how to walk a dog during the rain that can help make it a little easier. In most cases, the right tools are all you need.

Tip #1: Leave A Dog Towel By The Door In Your Home

Even if your dog is a mess after your walk, the cleanup can be less of a hassle with the right tools. For example, one of the dirtiest parts of bringing a wet dog into the house is watching it shake all that filthy water all over the house as it dries itself.

The good news? The Absorber, with its unique polyvinyl alcohol construction, functions like no other drying towel on the market.

The Absorber’s ability to draw away water almost completely and get it out of your dog’s hair makes it the most absorbent dog towel anywhere. It’s easily wrung out so it can handle any dog — regardless of size or type of fur. The Absorber is stored damp and ready to go after every wash. Thanks to its unique construction and special storage tube, The Absorber is resistant to mildew and ready to go when you need it most. It is available in 3 vibrant colors — Biscuit, Scarlett, and Aqua. Keep one in your car!


Clean Muddy Dog Paws

Tip #2: Remember To Clean Muddy Paws

The other major issue when walking your dog in the rain is preventing your dog from tracking in all the mud and muck that cling to your pup’s paws. If you’re struggling with how to deal with muddy dog paws, you can take comfort in knowing the right tool can make all the difference. The Absorber will get the job done as a dog paw cleaning solution.

Use The Absorber at the door or as soon as you set foot back inside the house. Its sponge-like construction draws moisture quickly and efficiently. This can go a long way toward keeping your floors clean and dry — even after sloshing in the muck on a long walk with your dog.

Having this great Dog Lovers Towel product may not answer the call of nature for your dog on a rainy day, but it can make dealing with the aftermath a lot easier! Be sure you have the right towel before the next time you and your dog get caught in the rain.

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