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Ditch The Itch: Dog Dry Skin Relief Checklist

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Ditch The Itch: Dog Dry Skin Relief Checklist


Although treating dry skin can be difficult, it is possible to get your dog relief with the correct treatments, love, and patience. Always remember to carefully introduce new medicines and watch out for any negative reactions in your dog. This blog will introduce you to common causes of dry skin, home remedies, and to get the help your dog needs from a veterinarian.

Common Causes of Dry Dog Skin

Your dog may have dry skin for a number of reasons, some of which are simple to treat and others of which are more difficult. Some of the common causes of dry dog skin include:

Keeping your dog’s skin healthy and free from itching may be as simple as following one of these suggested dog dry skin remedies below.

Proper Grooming Routine

Regular Grooming

Having your dog groomed regularly helps get rid of dead skin and old hair, which may be irritating their skin.

Avoid Hair Dryers

If you use a hair dryer on your dog after baths, the hot air may be drying out their skin. Instead, consider using a special towel designed specifically for drying your dog after a bath, like The Absorber® from Dog Lover’s Towel.

Hydration and Diet

Olive Oil

Adding some olive oil to your dog’s food can help keep their skin free from itching.

Coconut Oil

Applying coconut oil topically or mixing some with your dog’s food can help keep their skin moisturized and itch-free.

Change Dog Foods

Your dog’s itchy skin may be caused by a food allergy, so check to see if your dog’s food may be the culprit.

Supplements and Treatments

Oatmeal Bath

Just like it does for humans with chicken pox, an oatmeal bath can be a reliable dog dry skin treatment.

Omega-3 Fatty Acids

Supplementing your dog’s diet with plenty of omega-3 fatty acids can help keep their skin healthy.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Spraying your dog’s skin and paws with a 50/50 solution of apple cider vinegar and water daily can help relieve itching.

Environmental Considerations

Reduce Dust in the Home

Change your furnace filters regularly, and be sure to vacuum your home frequently to remove any dust that may be triggering your dog’s itchiness.

Keep Your Dog Away from Allergens

Certain plants your dog may encounter outside, such as some types of grass can trigger allergic reactions, and leave your pup itchy for days.

Use a Humidifier

Dry air inside the home can cause your dog’s skin to become dry and itchy, especially during the winter when the heat is on, so use a humidifier to keep the air from becoming too dry.

Check for Fleas

If your dog has fleas, treat their bedding and any rugs or upholstery in the house, along with using flea collars or flea baths, to get rid of them for good.

Vet Check-Ups

It’s important for you to make regular visits to the vet. If your dog has hair loss, licking his paws, ear infections, pustules, scabs, open sores, oily skin, severe dandruff, itching, lethargy, weight gain, vomiting, or diarrhea, get them checked out by your vet. Both the dry skin and the underlying problem need to be addressed.


A prescription for antihistamines may help relieve your dog’s itching.

Ask Your Vet About Medications

If your dog develops itchy skin after being prescribed medications, ask your vet about whether or not your dog might be having a reaction to the medication.

Dog Dry Skin Relief Checklist


Dogs can occasionally experience the seasonal risks of dry skin, just like people do. This typically occurs in the winter, under high wind conditions, or in dry air. If dry skin is only flaking and somewhat itchy, you shouldn't be concerned. But if your dog has other symptoms or indicators of pain, there may be a bigger problem, and you should seek out your vet. By following a regular grooming routine, maintaining hydration and a proper diet, and being considerate of your dog’s environment, you can help your furry friend maintain healthy skin.

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