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How Often Should You Wash Your Dog?

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How Often Should You Wash Your Dog?

Every dog owner has been there — that moment when you get your dog into the tub and realize that giving your dog a bath is not going to be easy or fun. Some dogs take to the water like ducks, but even the most cooperative pooch can make a bath more difficult by splashing around, getting distracted, or just getting bored with the whole thing and jumping out of the tub sopping wet and soapy.

For dogs that can’t stand the idea of being clean, those are the least of your worries. It’s enough to make any dog owner or groomer wonder just how necessary a bath is in the first place. But even though most dog owners will agree that giving a dog a bath is necessary, they might not agree on how often they need to do it. If you’re wondering how often to bathe a dog or how often to bathe a puppy, the simple answer is that there is no simple answer.

Knowing When to Give Your Dog a Bath

So, how often should you wash your dog? 

The most obvious answer to this daunting question (how often should you take your dog a bath): “Whenever it’s needed.”

Any dog owner who has watched his or her four-legged friend get extra excited about rolling around in something it found on the ground knows exactly when a bath is needed. Whether it’s an unpleasant odor, matted fur, or just a general look of grunginess, giving your dog a bath sometimes must be done immediately.

That doesn’t mean, however, that it’s a good idea to wait until your dog stinks before bathing him or her. Many experts recommend giving your dog a bath just a few times a year, perhaps quarterly.

Unless your dog has a skin condition or allergies that require more frequent washings, bathing your dog more than several times a year can be bad for your dog’s hair and skin. You don’t want to strip your dog’s coat of the natural oil that keeps it shiny and healthy, and dogs generally groom themselves in a way that keeps them relatively clean — and without removing those oils.

The Right Tools for the Job

When it’s time to give your dog a bath — or the dog you are caring for if you are a groomer — having the right products on hand will make the job much easier. For instance, there are numerous shampoos on the market that are specifically formulated for specific dog breeds and types. Whether your dog has short hair, long hair, or sensitive skin, odds are you can find a product that will be most effective for keeping him or her clean.

A good brush is essential, as well. Establishing a daily routine of brushing your dog’s coat can help keep him or her clean without frequent bathing. Finally, you’ll want to use a towel that works well for drying without making a mess. The Absorber® dog-drying towel has a unique poly-vinyl alcohol sponge-like structure, making it extremely effective at drawing water away from dogs’ fur and skin without getting tangled in their hair the way some towels can.

Keeping your dog clean may not be easy, but it’s important for your dog’s health and happiness. To learn more about how The Absorber® can help, call 800-654-3933 or click here to contact Dog Lover’s Towel today!

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