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Tips For New Dog Owners

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Tips For New Dog Owners

Did you just get a dog, or are you about to get one? Congratulations! Becoming a pet owner is an exciting experience — the beginning of a priceless bond you’ll treasure for years to come. To make sure you have a good experience as a first-time dog owner, however, there are a few tips you’ll want to keep in mind. Even if you already know the basics of how to care for a dog, reviewing a few essentials can help you make sure that you’re confident and empowered for your first time with a dog in your home.

Ready to learn more? Here’s a roundup of helpful advice for first-time dog owners, i.e. also applicable to first-time puppy owners tips.

1. There will be an adjustment period.

If you feel a little overwhelmed in the first few nights with a dog, don’t panic. It’s perfectly normal to experience an adjustment period while you and your pet get used to each other. This is the first and most important tip for first-time dog owners. If you got a puppy, you’ll have to start from scratch with house training. If you have an older dog, you’ll have to ease that dog into a life with you.

2. Start with basic needs.

Taking care of a dog starts with the essentials: food, shelter, activity and cleaning. Go through this checklist when you’re new to having an animal at home: buy dog food, a collar and leash; prepare a place for your pup to sleep; start a routine of daily walks or other activity and know how you’ll clean up

3. Find a good vet.

Just as people need doctors, pets need veterinarians to handle shots, illnesses, checkups, etc. Ask to see who fellow pet-owners recommend and talk to your vet about the best health-boosting steps you can take for your dog.

4. Bath time can be crazy.

It only takes one bath to realize that dogs love to run — everywhere — to dry themselves after getting wet. You can simplify this routine by finding an extra-absorbent, pet-friendly towel such as the Dog Lover’s Towel. This product is made to dry your pet faster, so you get less wet in the bath-time process and your house towels stay off-limits.

5. Some pets have behavior issues.

Every dog is unique, and most may have some behavior issue or another. Your pet could bark a lot, chew furniture, experience separation anxiety or even get aggressive. Be prepared for the possibilities by researching your dog’s breed, talking to your vet and staying alert to any odd behavior patterns.

6. Be patient.

Becoming a pet owner is a long-term decision. Commit now to loving your pet through whatever comes up — and, odds are, your pet will love you for it.

When you’re ready to pick a pup to call your own, you can set yourself up for pet-owner success by getting the right supplies. Think through the steps given in this puppy guide for new owners and purchase proper pet products so that you’re ready for whatever happens. As part of your preparation, order from Dog Lover’s Towel today, or contact us anytime to learn more!

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