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Dog Lover’s Towel is Making Waves in the Industry, and Drying Them

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The Absorber® – Dog Lover’s Towel™ was introduced to the pet industry in July 2017 at the SuperZoo trade show in Las Vegas. It was featured in blogs, news stories, and publications for its innovative and unique way of drying your tail-wagger. This towel not only caught the attention of dog consumers and groomers across the country, but dog shelters all over the world with their most recent giveaway.

The team at Dog Lover’s Towel emphasizes how much community means to their company. They were recently inspired by a story about a shelter from Tennessee who takes in disabled dogs. The shelter shared that The Dog Lover’s Towel is “an absolute miracle”. It allows them to dry their special needs dogs faster and more efficiently with just one Absorber per dog vs. 3 bath towels, saving them both time and money. Thus began the very first Facebook giveaway the team has done, that soon would reach even shelters overseas.

The Absorber began a video campaign that invited dog lovers across the country to be a part of. Through Facebook, dog lovers were asked to nominate a deserving shelter to win $500 and 8 Dog Lover’s Towels, and the nominations came pouring in. The two-week campaign received over 500 nominations, all very deserving shelters from across the United States and even Europe. Two shelters were chosen to be the recipients of their first giveaway, Humane Society of Imperial County of California and A Reason to Believe Animal Rescue of West Virginia. Both shelter directors were extremely grateful to be chosen, and they won’t be the last. To follow the Absorber team on their journey of giving back to the shelter and rescue community, find them on Facebook.

The Absorber Dog Lover’s Towel is made of a unique sponge-like texture that absorbs water on contact and makes drying your tail-wagger faster and easier than when drying with cotton or microfiber towels. It is incredibly easy to wring out, and continues to work so you don’t have to use multiple towels to dry your dog. They are used and raved about by groomers, DIY dog washes, and shelters all across the country. The Absorber is machine washable and comes in 3 different colors: Biscuit, Scarlett, and Aqua. For more information on how to purchase one for yourself and experience this drying game-changer, visit the Dog Lover's Towel store!

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