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Top Grooming Supplies Every Professional Groomer Needs

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Grooming Supplies for Dog

Anyone who grooms pets knows you have to have the proper tools, especially if you’re going to achieve professional grooming results. The fact is, whether you’re combing fur or trimming nails, your task becomes simpler with professional dog grooming products that cater to the job at hand.

What are the must-haves in terms of professional dog grooming supplies? Here’s a look at top grooming products and why they are worth having:

1. Pet brushes and combs.

As a professional groomer who works with multiple breeds of dogs, you need a variety of brushes to meet a variety of needs. A good selection would include bristle brushes for most hair types, slicker brushes for detangling medium to long hair, wire pin brushes, rakes, and mat breakers, shedding tools to reduce shedding, and flea combs to spot fleas a pet may have.

2. Hair clippers.

For dogs with medium to long hair, you may need to shave or cut hair on a regular basis. Electric clippers give you a way to create a neat, uniform look. Scissors allow for tidy touchups in specific places for long hair.

3. Shampoo.

To clean a dog’s coat, you need a soap-free shampoo catered to its type of fur. If you want to protect the dog from eye injury, go with a tear-free shampoo. To ease skin irritation and itching, pick an oatmeal shampoo. Other options include natural shampoos free of chemicals or medical shampoos catered to specific skin conditions.

4. Conditioner.

After shampooing, you also have the option to use a conditioner to moisturize and add shine to a dog’s coat. Conditioner detangles, softens and adds beauty to a pet’s coat. Today’s market includes products that get rinsed and products that can be left on to dry.

5. The Absorber® Dog Lover’s towel.

After a pet has been washed, it’s only natural for it to want to run around and shake off. A good towel can make the drying experience less chaotic by absorbing moisture quickly and efficiently. The Absorber® Dog Lover’s Towel is a quick, easy and affordable solution that uses a sponge-like composition to pull 50 percent more water out of a dog’s coat than typical cotton or microfiber towels can. In addition, this towel can wring out almost completely dry, eliminating the need for multiple towels.

6. Nail trimmers.

From claw-style trimmers to scissor-like trimmers, there are many kinds of nail clippers on today’s market. In addition to stocking these devices, you’ll want filing tools to smooth rough edges and styptic powder to stop bleeding if you accidentally nick a pet while trimming.

7. Ear cleansers.

Use ear cleansers to rinse and clean the ear canal and/or ear medications as recommended by a veterinarian. Other helpful tools for dog ear care include cotton balls to remove debris and, for trained professionals, hemostats to pluck excess hair.

Whether you’re caring for one or more pets at home or you’re a professional groomer looking to up your game, you can’t beat the appeal of The Absorber® grooming towel. To learn more about our professional dog grooming tools or to order one for your professional dog grooming supplies, click here or contact us today!

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