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6 Tips For How To Take Care Of An Adopted Dog

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Taking care of a pet is a wonderful, rewarding responsibility that can change your life for the better. Adopt a dog, and you gain a friend for life! Are you thinking about welcoming a dog into your home? Here are some tips about what to know before adopting a dog and how to take care of a new dog.Let’s take a look at six super important dog adoption tips:

#1. Know what you can handle.

One of the most essential tips for adopting a dog is that it needs to be walked twice a day, ask yourself if you can manage that responsibility. Likewise, if you’re always traveling for work, think about the training and attention required in caring for a puppy. Consider what you can reasonably handle, and let that guide what sort of dog you adopt.

#2. Gather the necessary supplies.

Preparing for a dog means gathering all the proper supplies — a place for your pet to sleep, a way for it to travel with you in the car, food and food dishes, a leash, dog toys, etc. Once you know what kind of dog you’re adopting, get all the gear you’ll need.

#3. Prepare for dog grooming and bathing.

Because caring for a pet involves regular baths, you’ll also want to gather grooming supplies such as brushes, combs, shampoos, absorbent towels like The Absorber, and (if you’re planning to handle haircuts yourself) dog clippers and nail clippers. Have all these supplies on hand upfront, so you’ll be prepared to care for your new pet.

#4. Gear up for the first 30 days.

Generally speaking, the first month with a new pet is a big transition. Your dog isn’t used to your home or its routines, so the first few weeks are largely about helping it acclimate to its new environment. Try to make this transition smooth by keeping calm and quiet as much as possible, giving your animal a gentle environment in which to get comfortable.

#5. Set a schedule.

Another part of helping your pet adjust is sticking to a general schedule. Figure out what sort of pet-care schedule works for your household. Will you take a walk with your dog every morning? Will you feed your pet twice a day? Once you set that schedule, implement it consistently. Each day, give your pet the same routine of sleeping, eating and playing, so it gets used to the way your home operates

#6. Establish rules.

Every home is different, but every home with pets needs its own set of rules to avoid problems. Think about what you’ll do when you leave your pet at home — put it in its crate? Leave it unsupervised with free rein of the house? Is your dog allowed on the furniture? What will you do when rules are broken? Make sure everyone in your home is on the same page about these rules. Then, keep enforcing your rules to give your pet a strong sense of security in your home.

Whether you’ve been toying with the idea of pet adoption for years or you’re just now considering what it would mean to add a dog to your home, you’re in for an exciting adventure! Plan for a smooth and successful adoption by thinking through the adopting a dog tips listed above. To learn more about the fast-drying benefits of The Absorber, contact Dog Lover’s Towel today.

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