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Creating The Best Dog Grooming Kit

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Creating The Best Dog Grooming Kit

When you’re in the business of keeping dogs clean, groomed, and looking gorgeous, having a basic dog grooming kit on hand is a wonderful tool. With a dog grooming kit, you have all your grooming gear in one easy-to-access place. You can find brushes, soaps, towels, and oils quickly and easily because you know where to look.

How do you create a dog grooming bag that works for you? What tools and supplies are must-haves when setting up your grooming kit? To help answer these questions, here’s a look at how to create a dog grooming kit that works for you.

Pick a Place to Keep Your Kit

Whether you want a mobile kit that can travel with you to pet appointments or a stationary kit that sits in a cupboard or drawer in your home, pick a place where you’ll store all your gear. Choose a location that’s spacious enough for all your supplies, easy to carry or access, durable and convenient. Likewise, look for a spot that will put all your grooming products within reach when grooming your clients’ pets.

Gather All Your Gear

Setting up your grooming kit starts with knowing the products and tools you use when you’re grooming dogs. Essentially, put them all together so that they’re easily accessible while you work. This will help in bringing together the best dog grooming kits for your pets.

Some of the typical dog grooming tools and supplies you may want include the following:

  • A grooming table

    If you’re setting up a mobile grooming kit, think about including some sort of grooming table that will allow you to create a workspace wherever you go. This could be a folding table, an electric table or something else.
  • Hair clippers

    When you’re trimming pet hair, you’ll probably need both small and large clippers to groom dogs properly. Dog grooming shears can be useful for cutting fur and cutting mats in tangled fur. Decide whether you need straight, curved, blending or other types in your grooming kit.
  • Shampoo, conditioner and soap

    It doesn’t get more basic for bath time than shampoo, conditioner and soap. These are the products you probably use to clean dogs’ hair and bodies.
  • Eye drops and oils

    If you use some sort of eye drops or mineral oil to protect dogs’ eyes during grooming, add this to your basic dog grooming kit.
  • Ear cleaners

    Useful for loosening wax and cleaning the ear canal, ear cleaners come in handy when grooming dogs.
  • Toothbrushes

    If you’ll be brushing dogs’ teeth, keep a toothbrush in your grooming kit.
  • Flea spray

    Pets prone to fleas may require flea spray or flea spot treatments to stay bug-free.
  • Cotton balls and swabs

    Many groomers will use cotton balls, placed in dogs’ ears, to protect delicate ear tissues from getting water or soap inside them during a bath. Additionally, cotton swabs can be useful for gently cleaning around the ears and eyes.
  • Nail clippers

    Regular nail clipping is a must for pets — especially if their nails aren’t naturally whittled through walking on pavement. Most groomers need at least two pairs of dog nail clippers — a regular pair for smaller dogs and a large one for bigger dogs.
  • Towels

    A good, absorbent towel is a must for after bath time. Pack one like The Absorber from Dog Lover’s Towel in your kit so you’ll have a fast, effective way to dry pets.
  • Brushes

    Different dogs require different brushes, depending on their fur type and coat length. Keep all your various brushes and combs stocked in your kit, too.

Adjust, As Needed

After you’ve assembled your grooming kit, give it a go on a pet you’re treating. Pay attention to how accessible your tools were: Did you need items you didn’t pack? Did you have extraneous tools? How could your kit work better for you? Adjust your kit, as needed, to create a working toolbox that serves you and your dogs well on the job. This will help prepare the best grooming kits for your dogs.

To ensure your kit is properly set up from the start, invest in the perfect pet-grooming towel with The Absorber. Order yours today. Or, get in touch with Dog Lover’s Towel to learn more!

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