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Dog Lover’s Towel returns to SuperZoo with a New Size

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Dog Lover’s Towel returns to SuperZoo with a New Size

Westmont, IL – In 2017, The Absorber team launched their revolutionary drying towel to the pet industry at the SuperZoo trade show in Las Vegas, NV. Now in just the team’s second year, they are bringing to market a new size that can serve multiple purposes for both professional and recreational dog lovers.

The new size (22 in. x 43 in.) will allow professional groomers to completely cover their tabletops to catch any excess water, provide comfort for the dogs while standing, and prevent them from slipping. Perfect for dog owners as well, this size is also designed to wrap 100+ lb. dogs to speed up their drying process.

The Absorber is composed of a highly absorbent yet soft material designed to dry your tail-wagger faster and easier. Its ability to absorb water on contact allows it to dry faster than any cotton or microfiber towels. It is easily wrung out and continues to dry, so no matter if your pooch is big or small, 1 towel dries all. Machine washable, The Absorber provides both ease and convenience for dogs and their owners.

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