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Head-To-Tail Dog Washing Tips

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Head-To-Tail Dog Washing Tips

Whether your dog has just gone for a walk on one of those notoriously muddy spring days or wakes up with that unmistakable dog smell, you'll know when it's time to bathe your own dog. Some dogs love the bath and others prefer to stay dry and cozy, but no matter what, it's important to regularly bathe your dog. Let’s learn how to wash a dog’s face and body. And what to wash a dog with.

This step-by-step guide will help you give your dog the best, most comfortable bath ever:

Step 1: Find a Good Spot to Give Your Dog a Bath

The size of your dog and the location of your home may dictate where you need to give your dog a bath. A smaller dog, for example, can easily be bathed in a sink or small basin outside. On the other hand, a larger dog may need to be bathed in a bathtub or in a small pool outside. Make sure that a mat is placed at the bottom of any tub that is used to help prevent your dog from slipping and injuring itself during the bath.

Step 2: Get Your Supplies Ready Before Fetching Your Dog

Here are a few of the dog cleaning supplies you should have on hand:

Step 3: Run Lukewarm Water for the Bath

Once you have your spot picked out and all of your supplies on hand, you can begin to prepare the bath for your dog. Fill the tub that you will be using with several inches of lukewarm water. You may need more or less water depending on the size of your pet. Remember, your dog won’t want to be submerged into deep water. A few inches will be more than adequate. Lukewarm water is comfortable, yet will not burn your dog.

Step 4: Brush Your Dog Before Beginning the Bath

It's easy to overlook this step, but it's a pretty important one. Always make sure to take the time to brush your dog's fur before starting the bath. This will allow you to remove any mats from your dog's fur prior to washing it, and will better eliminate dirt and residue that may be difficult to rinse. The size and breed of your dog will determine the type of brush you should use.

Step 5: Rinse Your Dog Thoroughly While Avoiding Its Head and Face

After brushing your dog, you can help it into the bath. Begin the bath by rinsing your dog's fur thoroughly. Note that your pet will not want its head to be wet, and it may even resist the rinsing. Be careful to avoid spraying your dog in the face — especially the eyes and nose.

Step 6: Lather Pet Shampoo on Your Dog

Once you have rinsed your pet, begin washing its fur with shampoo. Be sure to choose a pet shampoo that will not dry out or damage your pet's skin. Place a dime-sized amount of shampoo into your hands, and work it into a lather. Then, you can lather it onto your pet's fur. Do this gently over its entire body so that it can properly clean your dog's fur.

Step 7: Rinse Your Dog Thoroughly Again

After the shampoo has been applied, rinse your dog's fur again. It's important to rinse thoroughly at this stage and to continue rinsing until there is no soap or shampoo residue on your pet's fur. Any shampoo that is left on the fur can irritate your dog's skin or leave a film on its coat.

Step 8: Clean Your Dog's Ears and Trim Nails, If Necessary

Once the coat has been properly cleaned, examine your dog's ears and nails. If the ears need to be cleaned, use a large cotton swab to gently clean the ears. You do not need to apply too much pressure. If the nails need to be trimmed, use pet trimmers to clip the nails.

Step 9: Dry Your Dog With The Absorber

Finally, once you are done bathing your dog, dry your pet with The Absorber. This super-absorbent towel is designed specifically for dogs, ensuring that your pet will be warm and dry as quickly as possible. It is easy to wring and re-use, so no matter if your dog is big or small, one Absorber will dry them all. The Absorber is gentle and comfortable and is the best way to finish bath time with your beloved dog.

Now that you are done bathing your dog, both you and your pet can enjoy a happy, healthy, and clean day together. To learn more about giving your dog the best bath ever, contact Dog Lover's Towel or order The Absorber for your pet today.

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