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How to Get Your Dog to Love Baths

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How to Get Your Dog to Love Baths

Does your dog avoid baths at all costs? You’re not the only pet parent struggling with encouraging your dog in a bathtub. Fortunately, we’ve figured out the most effective ways to bathe your dog.

Listed below are three essential tips for mastering bath time with your canine. Let’s learn how to get your dog to like baths.

Why Do Dogs Hate Baths?

For starters who often asks “do dogs like baths?”, dogs don’t hate baths. Baths do, however, go against your pup’s wolf instinct to carry the scent of its surroundings for successful hunting. As much as it annoys their owners, dogs love rolling around in the dirt and mud.

Additionally, your dog’s reluctance to be bathed may originate from unfamiliarity. Most pet owners hate giving baths as much as their dogs like getting them. If your dog hasn’t had a bath in a while, he could be hesitant to revisit the activity. 

3 Tips to Help Your Dog Enjoy Bathtime

To get your dog to like water, it’s highly recommended to follow the below steps.

Tip #1— Start Young

As early as possible, let your pup stand in a puddle of water. This will help expand their idea of water. Not only do you drink it, but you can also be in it! 

You can do this with an adopted pup as well. As soon as you establish trust with your new companion, reintroduce him to water. Observe their comfort level in and around the water. Depending on their reaction,  you may need to adjust your tactics or use their favorite snack as bribery. 

" Tip: Take your dog for a walk when it’s raining, let him stand on the first step of a pool, or have playtime in the wet sand of a beach. Water is all around us. The sooner your dog recognizes it is nothing to fear, the smoother bathtime will be. "

Tip #2— Train in the Bathroom

After a nice long walk, take your canine to the bathroom and instruct him to sit. Reward the action with a treat and walk your dog back out of the bathroom. Repeat this action a few times, instructing your dog to do commands he’s familiar with.  

Then walk your dog to the bathtub and instruct your dog to jump in. This might take a few tries, but be patient. Once your dog does it or attempts to, reward the action and walk him back out of the bathroom. Repeat this training until your dog is comfortable entering the empty bathtub. Training in the bathroom helps your dog relax in a place he once avoided. 

" Tip: Treat the bathroom like any other room in your home. Allow your pup to walk in and out of the area and get comfortable. You can also turn the shower on during training to help your pup get used to the loud noise. " 

Tip #3— Change Your Attitude 

Dogs are very sensitive to changes in body language, energy, and mood. If you have a negative attitude when trying to introduce baths, they will immediately fight the activity. After all, why should your dog do something you don’t even want to do? 

Take a deep breath and relax before giving your pup a bath. Keep your attitude upbeat and positive. You’d be surprised to know how impactful small changes can be.  

Helpful Things to Keep in Mind: 

Have patience: Nothing happens overnight. It may take a few weeks for your dog to get comfortable with the bathing process.

Find their motivation: Bribery goes a long way. Discover what your dog is motivated by and use that as a reward. 

Don’t force it: Dragging your dog into the bathtub will solidify it as a negative space in the future.

Make it fun: Talk to your dog when giving him a bath. Tell him that he’s doing a good job and give him kisses. 

Make Bathtime a Funtime 

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