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Supplies You Can Donate to Your Local Animal Shelter

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Supplies You Can Donate to Your Local Animal Shelter

List of Animal and Dog Shelter Supplies Needed Wherever You Go

Animal and dog shelters take on the generous responsibility of housing stray, lost, abandoned, and surrendered pets to help man’s best friend find their hew family. It’s a big one—which is why they need your help to see it through. 

With all the different pets these establishments have and will continue to help over the years, donated animal shelter supplies and/or dog shelter supplies are always appreciated. Have a look around your home or make a small purchase if you have a little extra to spend, consider helping them out. It’s a good idea to call ahead and find out what they’re lacking so you can assist them with their biggest priority first before you take in any extra animal shelter supplies.

The Absorber Team has listed some dog shelter supplies that—no matter the place—are virtually always in demand. 

Food, Bowls, and Treats

Depending on the size of your local shelter, they may have a hundred or more mouths to feed. Based on a dog’s size, they may need anywhere from a quarter to 2 cups of kibble per day. Dog food is one of the most obvious dog shelter supplies needed, but with certain breeds’ or individuals ‘special diet needs (e.g. wet or gluten-free food), it’s also one you can never go wrong with gifting in abundance anyways. Find out from your shelter if there are any particular brands or types they’re running low on.

You may even be able to donate peanut butter, canned tuna, hot dogs, fresh produce, or other options like CBD dog treats. CBD oil and treats have become really popular products for dogs; they’ve been hailed for their ability to help manage and relieve arthritis, anxiety, digestive issues, neurological and blood disorders, and even some tumors and cancers.

CBD for dogs is still relatively new, so more testing is being done, but people seem to like the results so far.  Cannabidiol dog products should contain no more than 0.3% THC, so rest assured, the shelter animals will not be experiencing any psychoactive effects.

After calling to verify these dog shelter supplies are okay to bring in, make sure the donated food items are unopened and still fresh for animal health and safety reasons. Providing the pups a clean, sturdy bowl to eat out of certainly doesn’t hurt either, but see if your shelter only takes metal ones first.

Leashes and Harnesses

Just like any happy-go-lucky pup you’ve gotten to know, shelter dogs both want and require lots of exercise! Help them stay in shape and have fun by providing dog shelter supplies/equipment such as collars, leashes, and harnesses. As long as they are in good shape to use on shelter dogs, they will definitely come in handy during walks with potential families and exciting outdoor activities. This is especially true when considering all the different shapes and sizes dogs come in!


Dog shelter supplies like toys go by fast. Our canine companions love to rough around with them because they’re stimulating, comforting, and entertaining. Most animal shelters will want sturdy toys that will stand wear and tear because dinky or low-quality products can break apart and hazardously be ingested by the animals. Your safest bet is dropping off ropes, balls, and toys from dependable brands such as Kong. Don’t2 forget to disinfect any donated toys that were gently used beforehand!

Cleaning Supplies

Unfortunately, it’s not uncommon for the animals that are placed into shelters to be suffering from poor health, malnutrition, anxiety, and trauma—and these places don’t get pets’ medical records as often as they’d like either. Coupled with the fact that “accidents” happen regularly while these pooches are potty-training, it’s safe to say that cleaning supplies are also dog shelter supplies.

Equip a shelter with anything from paper towels, garbage bags, rubber gloves, spray bottles, storage bins, Ziploc bags, and disinfectants like vinegar or chlorine bleach. You’ll be a huge help in stopping the spread of germs and diseases amongst the animals.

Towels and Blankets

Other dog shelter supplies needed in a pound’s crates and cages are blankets, towels, newspaper, for comforting warmth in these animals’ safe space while awaiting their new homes. In particular, shelters love to receive towels because they can be used for bedding and cleaning purposes. They don’t have to be in perfect condition, but by providing these shelters a high-quality towel, they will gain a resource that can stand the test of time to help many pups get through their stay.

The Absorber® is made from a super-absorbent PVA material that will dry the shelter dogs after a bath, swim, or rainy walk in record time. Soft, convenient, and machine-washable: your shelter is going to notice the difference with our doggy towel!

Crates and Carriers

Animal rescue centers aim to minimize their costs without losing their quality of care, so your gifted animal shelter supplies/equipment make a difference! Crates and cages have some of the highest costs per unit, so if you have an old one that you can spare, it would easily serve as a long-lasting solution. Even during the transporting of pets, they don’t get as roughed up as much as toys do.

Find out whether your shelter takes plastic carriers or if they are only looking for metal ones. Check to make sure nothing is broken, falling off, or sticking out of your cage before turning it in so it’s not a choking or physical hazard to any dog!


If you’re going to get information about any of the in-demand dog shelter supplies listed by CleanTools, make sure it’s this one. Some shelters furnish playrooms with armchairs, cots, cushions, and footrests to get the dogs and possible owners used to one another in a familiar home setting. They may even want your old generic folding chairs for outdoor or adoption events. If they will take your good-standing furniture piece, plan in advance how you will have it safely delivered or picked up.

Grooming Supplies

Not only does the grooming of shelter animals keep them clean, healthy, and happy: it also makes them look absolutely huggable when potential adopters come in for their visits! Some arrivals come from difficult situations, so they could have thick, long, and matted fur, unruly nails, and uncomfortable skin conditions that need to be washed up and treated. Donate hygienic supplies such as shampoos, combs, brushes, nail clippers, haircutting scissors, The Absorber®, and other related products for a rewarding giving experience.

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