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Tips For Keeping A Dog’s Coat Shiny And Healthy

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Tips For Keeping A Dog’s Coat Shiny And Healthy

When you love your pet, it’s natural to want to keep it looking and feeling good — and that includes a shiny coat. A shiny coat not only looks pretty, but it also reflects good health. How to keep dogs coat shiny? A lot of it comes back to proper care and grooming. Everything from what you feed your pet to how you care for its fur can impact the look of its hair.

Here’s how to give your pet a shinier coat:

  • Feed it the nutrition it needs

Step one in healthy dog fur is giving your pet a proper diet with nutritious ingredients. Why? Simply put, if your pet is lacking key nutrients, the first place it will probably show up is in skin and hair. What goes into proper pet nutrition? For best health, dogs need food high in omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids. You can find these ingredients in certain dog foods or you can supplement with capsules or liquid versions.
  • Brush it daily

To take proper care of your dog’s coat, brush it every day. Regular brushing offers major benefits for your dog’s circulation, while also removing dead cells and making hair shinier. Try to brush in both the direction the hair grows and the opposite direction for maximum benefits.
  • Use the right shampoo

Find out how often your dog’s breed should be bathed, and stick to that schedule. Then, when you give baths, always choose a shampoo that matches your dog’s hair and skin type. Dogs with dry skin might need moisturizing products that combat their itchy or flaky skin problems, for example. Dogs prone to fleas or ticks can benefit from a flea and tick shampoo. There are puppy shampoos for young dogs, de-odorizing shampoos for pets prone to getting especially dirty, and tangle-fighting shampoos that can replenish natural oils. You may also want to consider a shine-boosting shampoo packed with vitamins, minerals, and proteins.
  • Invest in a fast-drying towel

When you pull your pooch out of bath time, be ready to dry it with an extra-absorbent towel such as The Absorber. The Absorber helps you contain and cut messes as quickly as possible, without destroying any of your household towels. Plus, because it takes in more water than any comparable product, it helps dry your dog’s coat quickly and easily.
  • Get your vet involved

If, after following the tips above, you’re still stumped on why your pet’s coat isn’t gleaming, talk to your vet. Ask for medical advice on how to get a shiny coat on a dog and see what you find. In some cases, the reason your dog’s coat lacks shine is a deeper issue. Maybe it has itchy skin from allergies, for example. The only way to know is to test. Talk to your vet and see if he or she has any recommendations that are appropriate for your pup’s needs.

    No matter what your dog’s breed, age, size, or personality, you as a pet owner want to help it look its best. A healthy dog is a happier dog — and a shiny coat can be a great indicator of overall health. Use the tips above as a starting place for helping your dog’s coat look gorgeous.


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