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Why Does My Dog Roll On My Wet Towel or Clothes?

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Why Does My Dog Roll On My Bath Towel?

My Shar-Pei, Audrey, is obsessed with rolling in damp towels. My pup loves rolling in wet towels I leave on the floor after a shower. Sometimes I even find my dog rolling in my laundry. Why does my dog roll around after a bath?

- Maggie in Charlotte, North Carolina

That's a great question, Maggie. Although it might seem like odd behavior, it could actually have some simple explanations.

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Why Your Dog Loves to Roll on Your Wet Towels or Dirty Clothes:

They Like Your Scent

The most common explanation for a dog rolling itself in wet towels or dirty laundry is that your dog likes your scent. You share a bond with your pet, and your dog has affection for you, just as you do for your dog. Your dog likely associates the mélange of odors jumbled up in your towels and clothes with you – her favorite human!

Establishing Dominance

Another possible explanation for a dog rolling in your wet towels is the dominance theory. Dogs instinctively want to assert dominance over other animals. In part, it’s a defense against predators. It’s also about establishing a position within the pack. When your dog rubs himself on your towel, it may be about establishing his position within your household, or it may be about leaving his scent on your belongings to signal to other animals that “this person belongs to me.”


A simple explanation for your dog rolling in wet towels is that your pooch feels rejuvenated after a bath. While this doesn’t explain the towel love after you shower, you’ve probably noticed the same behavior after your furry friend has had a bath. That refreshing bath leaves your pup feeling re-energized…and what better way to enjoy that rejuvenation than with a luxurious romp in a soft, fluffy towel?

Is It Normal for Dogs to Roll in Wet Towels or Clothes? What Should I Do?

It’s perfectly normal for dogs in towels to gleefully play in damp towels. A wet towel is to a dog what a giant roll of bubble wrap is to the kid in all of us. Our recommendation? Relax, and have fun watching your pup play!

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